Pole Barn and Stick-Built Building: What’s the Difference in Spirit Lake?

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If you’re contemplating the addition of a secondary building for your property, you may have heard of the term “stick-built building.” Some people believe it’s the same as a pole barn. However, the two terms refer to entirely different forms of building construction. Learn how the two differ.

Pole Barn and Stick-Built Building at a Glance

In a stick-built structure, the building is constructed on-site using lumber and other materials. An advantage of this is that the builders can address issues as they occur in real time.

A pole barn, on the other hand, is built from materials pre-cut at a factory. The materials are then shipped to the construction zone as a ready-to-assemble kit. 

Pole Barns Are More Affordable

Pole barns and stick-built buildings are comparable in quality. However, pole barns on average tend to be a more cost-effective solution. This is because pole barns don’t require a foundation. Stick-built structures require a traditional foundation poured from concrete. The foundation alone makes up roughly 15% of a new building construction’s cost. Pole buildings skip the foundation in favor of posts that are staked into the soil.

Pole Barns Are Versatile

Not having a foundation also makes it easier to construct the structure on uneven or sloped terrain. Buildings using concrete require a fairly flat surface.

Pole Barns Are Durable

A pole barn’s posts transmit lateral wind loads on the walls to the ground. This enables the building to remain firm even against rough weather. It also helps to keep the building intact in a fire instead of collapsing.

We Construct Multi-Purpose Pole Barns in Spirit Lake

We construct pole barns and include a number of optional features to make the structure more viable for livestock and human dwelling. Contact C&S Construction to get started. We recommend pole barns over stick-built buildings due to the former’s affordability and long-term durability.

Choose Pole Barns Over a Stick-Built Building in Spirit Lake

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