Pole Barn Shed Storage in Airway Heights: What Not to Store in Your Barn

pole barn shed

A pole barn shed is a great addition to your property. A pole building suffices quite nicely as a storage unit. However, this doesn’t mean you can store just about anything. There are some items that may not be suitable for storage inside a pole barn. We identify these items below.

Containers with Food

Even non-perishable foods like canned goods should not be left inside a pole barn for prolonged periods. While they don’t need refrigeration, they still require a relatively stable environment. Too much heat and humidity can cause the tin’s interior to corrode and contaminate the edible contents inside.


Without proper ventilation, storage sheds can trap in heat. A painting canvas can turn into a breeding ground for mold. Similarly, cold weather can cause canvas surfaces to become brittle. The paint can also begin chipping. In addition to paintings, you should also not store any items containing ink, such as documents, photographs, and journals.

Electronic Gadgets

Devices with internal circuitry requires stable temperatures. Excessive heat can cause the circuits and wires to melt. Likewise, cold temperatures can cause internal parts to crack and split apart. 

Paints and Glue

Paint and adhesives have chemicals that’ll break down at the molecular level. As a result, these items will lose their quality and turn into gooey sludge.

Fortify Your Pole Barn

It’s not completely out of the question to store these items in a pole barn. In fact, it’s very doable. However, you have to maximize circulation to prevent temperature extremes. The barn will need to be fortified with soffit or ridge vents to maximize indoor air quality. You may also include optional features like floor heating to keep temperatures from dipping during winter.

We Construct Pole Barn Shed Storage Units in Airway Heights

Contact C&S Construction if you’re contemplating a pole barn shed for your Airway Heights property. Take a look at our gallery to see some of our finished projects. With the right construction, our sheds should be suitable for the storage of most items.

Pole Barn Shed Construction in Airway Heights 

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