Four Common Pole Barn Insulation Problems in Spokane

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Whether for human occupation or storage, all buildings require some level of insulation; a pole building is no exception. This is especially true during the peak of summer in Spokane. Here are the signs that may indicate that the pole barn insulation is inadequate.

1. Condensation

Condensation manifests when air mixes with a cold surface. The typical building insulation is made from fiberglass, which can accrue moisture as the material wears from age. Over time, this leads to a decrease in the insulation’s R-value. Consider adding a vapor barrier to minimize moisture buildup.

2. Lack of Ventilation

Buildings need ventilation to allow air from the outside to circulate. When there’s insufficient ventilation, moisture begins building up, leading to mold and mildew growth. Our optional features consist of different vents, from ridge to soffit vents.

3. Corroded Metal and Wood

When insulation is lacking, moisture also gathers on metal surfaces, leading to rust. The same holds true for unsealed wood, which is susceptible to rot. We suggest using a close-cell spray foam insulation to protect against moisture. If the building has older wood parts, replace them with laminated wood. Our supplier Timber Technologies manufactures pre-treated timber posts that are highly resistant to rot.

4. Water Leaks

Leaks may occur on a pole barn roof. Once the water penetrates, it opens the environment for mold to proliferate. You will need to enlist professional help to identify and seal any openings, then install updated insulation. 

We Install Pole Barn Insulation

Pole barn insulation must be in good condition to offset extreme heat and cold. If you notice any of the above signs of worn insulation, contact C&S Construction for a professional assessment. You can take a look at our gallery to see some of our handiwork.

Pole Barn Insulation Installation in Spokane

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