Considerations for an RV Storage Garage Near Spirit Lake

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Standard residential garages don’t have the height clearance to accommodate an RV. If you own one of these vehicles, it must go on the driveway or curb. Another option is to install an RV storage garage for your Spirit Lake property. This can be done through a pole building installation.

Types of RV Garages

Let’s have a look at the RV garage types. The most cost-effective option is open RV storage. This is a paved area for the vehicle and an overhead canopy to protect against the rain and sun rays. 

A second type is a three-sided garage, which is a garage without a door. The third option is a fully-enclosed garage. This is no different than a residential garage other than it has the height clearance for an RV.

Space and Legal Considerations

Before starting, check with your county to inquire about zoning laws. Some cities require permission from an administrator if the structure surpasses a certain height. We’re familiar with the majority of guidelines for Spirit Lake and neighboring areas. However, you should perform your own research for verification. You should also measure your property and be sure you have a minimum of 50-feet of open land.

Additional Features

Most homeowners aim for additional features to make the garage more usable. Examples of add-on features include a walk-in door, ventilation, and passcode locks. The last point is definitely important to think about. RV theft or theft of certain parts can and do occur. Other additions include plumbing and a bathroom, so the space becomes partially viable as a living quarter.

Let Us Install Your RV Storage Garage Near Spirit Lake

Are you an RV owner? Why not invest in a structure that will better safeguard your vehicle? Contact C&S Construction to verify if an RV storage garage for your residence is feasible. 

RV Storage Garage Construction Near Spirit Lake

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