The Advantages of an Indoor Riding Arena Near Airway Heights

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Do you operate an equine training facility? You can expand your business by adding an indoor riding arena. Installation is affordable thanks to the cost-efficiency of pole building construction. Learn how indoor riding can be beneficial for both riders and trainers.

Indoor Riding Arena Advantages Near Airway Heights

Why do you need an indoor riding arena when you can just ride outdoors? Riding outside is indeed the better option in many instances. However, indoor riding has its respective advantages as well. Many beginning riders actually feel more at ease riding in an enclosed space and less comfortable when riding out in the open.

Here are some other benefits of an indoor arena.

Fewer Distractions

In an open pasture, the presence of other horses, farm vehicles, and livestock can distract the rider and horse. Younger horses may also be more relaxed in a confined space. To improve rider focus, we can add mirrors as an optional feature, so riders can see their form.

Seating for Observers

Arenas can also include benches and seating. Parents can have a seat and observe their children in training. Other students can observe and learn in the process. Instructors can also watch or prep other students that are next in line.

Better Footing and Stability

Outdoor riding areas may have slopes and uneven areas. Rain and mud can also lead to less-than-ideal surfaces. With an indoor riding arena, the riding surface is always optimal. We can add padded flooring that’s gentler on the horse’s hooves and joints. It also makes evening riding possible. Beginning riders shouldn’t ride under limited visibility. 

We Install Riding Pavilions

We construct stables and arenas for ranches near Airway Heights. We use pole building construction for durability and longevity. Contact C&S Construction to enhance your property with an indoor riding arena

Indoor Riding Arena Installation Near Airway Heights

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