The Benefits of Laminated Posts and Beams Near Coeur D’Alene

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Our pole barns are made to last. This is in part due to the use of laminated posts and beams, which we acquire from our supplying partner Timber Technologies. What makes laminated posts advantageous over traditional posts and panels?

What Is Laminated Wood?

Timber Technologies supplies us with laminated glulam timber. Glulam is a type of engineered wood highly resistant to moisture. It also possesses exceptional bending strength. Pound-for-pound, the material is stronger than steel.


Laminated glulam posts are the new gold standard in pole building construction. They are the material of choice for both residential and commercial buildings. The use of laminated panels enables the construction of vaulted ceilings that provide a wide-open and airy space. Contractors also install laminated timber as cantilevered and ridge beams.

In addition, laminated posts are terrific in the construction of optional building features. This includes lean-tos and cupolas, both of which make great add-ons for a pole barn.


Laminated timber is far less likely to rot over time. Untreated timber, by contrast, is prone to withering at the base where it’s in constant contact with the soil. Once posts begin to rot, it also becomes susceptible to warping, not to mention it becomes a target from termites and other boring pests.

About Timber Technologies

Timber Technologies has been an industry supplier, serving C&S Construction and other construction companies since 2003. Its laminated glulam is known for its high-level finish; it’s also more lightweight than conventional sawn timber.

We Use Laminated Posts for Pole Buildings Near Coeur D’Alene

We wanted to give credit to Timber Technologies, a loyal partner that helps us meet the high standards of excellent workmanship. See our gallery to view our projects, many of which were completed using laminated posts from Timber Technologies.

High-Quality Laminated Posts Near Coeur D’Alene

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