Best Barn Hay Storage Practices in Spokane

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Incorrect storage of hale can cause quality erosion, leading to unnecessary and expensive replacements. Many of our clients use their pole barns for hay storage. Here are some best practices for storing the hay properly.

1. Store Hay Bales Inside

Indoor storage maintains the hay’s quality and color. We suggest storage inside a pole building with adequate ventilation and minimal traces of leakage. Indoor storage also safeguards the hay from direct UV rays. Sunrays deplete the hay of vitamins and macronutrients, such as protein and vitamin A.

Also, hay bales are flammable, so the storage facility should ideally be made from fire-proof material. Our optional features include vents and windows for maximum airflow.

2. Let the Hay “Breathe”

The bales shouldn’t be crammed together like sardines in a can. There should be a minimum of three feet of space between each stack. This provides ample space for air circulation and also keeps the bales from absorbing excessive amounts of moisture. If high humidity is a concern, then use cured hay, which is more resistant to moisture. Finally, it’s a good idea to open some of the bales every now and then to inspect for mold.

3. Keep Hay Bales Above the Floor

Never place any bales directly on the floor. Consider placing the bales on a pallet or some other elevated platform. This also protects the bottom stack from water should flooding occur.

4. Use a Tarp for Outdoor Hay Storage

Some bales may need to stay outside if you run out of space inside the pole barn. Stack the bales outside in a pyramid formation and cover them with an overhead tarp. As with indoor storage, be sure there is sufficient space between bales.

We Install Pole Barns for Hay Storage in Spokane

Hay has very precise storage needs. C&S Construction installs the right type of building that satisfies the required criteria. We use laminated posts from Timber Technologies. This provides sturdy and long-lasting material for a hay storage shed.

Hay Storage Best Practices in Spokane

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