Pole Building Vs Stick-Frame Construction Near Cheney: What’s the Difference?

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Pole building and stick frame construction are similar but also have some major differences. Contrary to belief, the terms aren’t interchangeable. Learn how the two construction styles contrast and the main advantages of pole buildings.

Pole Building and Stick-Frame Construction Near Cheney Explained

In pole buildings, laminated wood makes up the majority of the frame. The roof uses trusses that are connected by purlins. The building construction is held in place using heavy-duty steel cladding. Despite its name, pole buildings do not contain poles or columns.

A stick building differs in that it contains a basement or crawlspace that the structure is built on top of. There is also a concrete foundation for providing support. Since a foundation is needed and requires construction itself, stick frame buildings are typically more expensive.

Why Aim for Pole Buildings Over Stick-Frames?

As mentioned, the foundation adds tremendously to a building’s construction expenses. The required excavation and concrete usually comprise 10% to 15% of the total cost. You can eliminate this expense completely with a pole building.

The construction duration is also not as long, so you can settle or begin using your new pole barn or garage. The shorter timeframe also equals fewer labor hours, further lowering costs even more. 

There’s a prevailing belief that the absence of a concrete foundation means pole buildings lack stability. This is the farthest thing from the truth. There are posts that are driven four feet or deeper into the soil that act as anchors. This keeps the building stable and also assists in transferring snow and wind loads into the soil.

We Erect Pole Buildings

Between pole buildings and stick frame construction, the former simply provide more value over the long haul for what you invest. Contact C&S Construction for a consultation and a survey of your land. We also provide a number of optional features to make your pole building more efficient for its intended purpose.

Pole Building and Stick Frame Differences Near Cheney

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