Lot Preparation for Pole Barn Construction in Airway Heights

pole barn lot preparationHave you picked out a site for a future pole barn? Just because the land is bare doesn’t mean it’s suitable for the construction of a new building or other dwelling units. Pole barn lot preparation is necessary in most instances to avoid complications down the road.

Acquire the Legal Permits

Some counties require permits for the construction of a new building even if you own the land. This is region-specific, so you’ll need to speak with your local municipal administrator. We are, however, familiar with the majority of zoning laws within the Spokane area. While we can provide guidance regarding permits, your city administrator can provide the most accurate and up-to-date information.

The Lot Preparation Process

Use stakes and boundary ropes to designate the precise lot perimeter. There should also be enough excess space in case you intend to expand the structure in the future. After establishing the boundaries, is there ample space for you to walk or perhaps drive around? Also, how’s the slope of the land? Is it sufficient for water to properly drain and travel away from the property?

You’ll also have to assess whether the land can support a pole barn. Factors like soil compaction may make the land less than suitable for a building.

Additional Considerations

  • Apart from the building itself, does the land also have sufficient space for additions like a patio or driveway?
  • Is this a location where a pole barn can benefit from passive solar heat gain?
  • Is the location part of a homeowner’s association? If it is, you may require consent before construction.

We Assist with Pole Barn Lot Preparation in Airway Heights

The more optional features you incorporate, the more preparation may be in order. Contact C&S Construction for an assessment of your property. Our contractors can determine the level of pole barn lot preparation required in order to get the construction started.

Pole Barn Lot Preparation Consultation in Airway Heights

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