Barn Vs. Pasture: Which Is Better for a Horse in Coeur D’Alene?

barn vs. pasture, horse stableDo you own a farm or ranch with multiple horses? Do you keep them in a barn or pasture? Which one leads to healthier and happier horses? Let’s go over the advantages of each.

Barn and Pasture for Your Coeur D’Alene Farm

Most horse owners choose pastures over a stable. This makes sense because pastures provide open-air and roaming space, which is a huge necessity for a horse’s physical and mental health.

An open pasture for a horse is quite advantageous, hands down. With that in mind, a barn stable has its place as well. An interior stable provides a cozy spot away from rain and other adverse weather elements. Housing a horse in a stable is also helpful for the owner when performing horse care, such as feeding and shoeing.

Of course, it’s not healthy to confine a horse in a pole barn 24/7. Horses that spend extended time inside a stable may behave erratically, such as gnaw on the wood, kick the wall, or walk the stall. These are symptoms that the horse is feeling isolated and not getting sufficient freedom of movement.

How Much Time in a Stable?

Generally, you should keep horses on a pasture unless there’s a specific need to relocate them indoors. Horses need to physically wander and socialize with peers. This more closely mimics wild horses, which may walk upwards of ten miles per day to find suitable grazing grounds.

If rasing show horses, however, too much time in a pasture may be counterproductive. Excessive time in the sun can cause the hair to discolor. The hooves may also be more at risk of damage.

We Install Pole Barn Stables

Horses thrive when they’re out in the open, though there are times when they belong in a stable. C&S Construction installs pole barns with optional features that make stables functional for people and comfortable for horses. If you’re choosing between barn and pasture, remember that both have their place with respect to equine health.

Barn and Pasture Installation in Coeur D’Alene

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