How to Increase Pole Barn Security in Cheney

pole barn securityWhatever the use for a pole barn, the structure can be a target for burglars. As the owner, you have to take active measures to lessen the odds of a pole barn becoming an intruder’s next target. We’ll discuss why thieves target these structures and how you can enhance pole barn security to safeguard your property.

Why Pole Barn Break-Ins Happen

Typically, pole barns serve as storage units that are separate from the main home or occupying quarters. As a result, valuables like expensive tools are stored inside. Sheds also rarely have people inside, making it easy for a burglar to enter undetected. Intruders know these storage units have a good chance of containing items that can be taken and sold on the black market.

Security Measures

We suggest the same protective steps you would establish for your home or business. Keep these security implementations in mind:

  • Install more outdoor lighting and install a motion sensor light for the pole barn doorway. This makes it harder for thieves to use the cover of darkness.
  • If the barn contains windows, are tools and equipment in plain sight? Install curtains or keep possessions out of direct view.
  • Optional features for pole barns include a multitude of door styles and locking mechanisms. Invest in a model with a durable lock and a strong door that can’t be forced open with a swift kick. If the door can fit a second lock, use a high-grade padlock resistant to a bolt cutter.
  • Burglars may smash the door or window using items near the barn. These include basic garden tools, such as shovels, rakes, and pruning shears. Relocate all tools inside.

We Enhance Pole Barn Security in Cheney

Contact C&S Construction to install a pole barn on your Cheney property. While we can reinforce pole barns, owners need to implement pole barn security measures to prevent property intrusions. Don’t make your barn an easy target for would-be thieves. 

Pole Barn Security for Spokane Homeowners

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