How to Insulate Pole Barns for the Summer in Spokane Valley

insulate Pole BarnsWashington is by no means the hottest region in North America. Even so, the temperature can still be blistering on some days. This is why property owners should insulate pole barns during the summer.

Use the Right Insulation

At a minimum, we suggest that all pole barns have vents in the walls and ceiling. This applies even if the barn is used exclusively for storage. We can install vents to an existing structure as an optional feature. We also suggest adding either a whole-house fan or a ceiling fan, or even both if you can fit it into your budget.

You should definitely add insulation, which you can install under roofs and on the building exterior, just beneath the steel. Fiberglass or rigid foam with an R-value between R-5 and R-16 produces optimum results. Insulation minimizes heat penetration on sunny and hot days. Once winter arrives, it’ll help offset condensation.

While pricier, you can opt for a six-inch fiberglass batt with an R-19 value. This insulation is available in different styles for easy application. It’s easy to install in tight areas, such as studs, joist blocks, and rafters. This makes it advantageous for inhibiting heat transfer.

For Animal Housing

If you use the pole barn for housing livestock or as a horse stable, then we recommend insulation for the roof only to minimize condensation. Animals kept in tight quarters produce a lot of heat, so wall insulation isn’t needed. Ventilation, though, is completely necessary.

We Build and Insulate Pole Barns in Spokane Valley

Contact C&S Construction to keep your pole barn interior nice and cool for you or your precious livestock. The type of insulation differs depending on what you primarily use the barn for. We insulate pole barns to make them efficient regardless of their purpose.

Insulate Pole Barns and Steel Buildings in Spokane Valley

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