A Primer of Pole Barn History in Wallace

Pole Barn HistoryPole barns aren’t a novel concept by any means. They have been around for decades and are a vital part of America’s past and present architecture industry. We’ll discuss the complete pole barn history and how they have advanced over the years.

Pole Barn History: Its Humble Roots

The Colonial Period

Pole buildings have Americana written all over them. Their roots, in fact, started during colonial times. Early settlers constructed pole buildings as housing for livestock and horses. Pole construction was the go-to choice because it was quick to set up. The land also provided sufficient wood material. Unfortunately, no method was available for treating wood at the time. This meant settlers had to constantly repair barns or replace them altogether.

The 1800s

Skip forward to the 1800s and early 1900s. Pole barns became more typical in the American frontier. Wealthy cattle barons began erecting larger, more durable, and upscale barns. They also constructed pole barns as barracks for housing ranchers. By this era, builders began treating wood with creosote. This enabled the barn surface to hold up to time and weather.

The 1940s

Pole buildings made a resurgence at the onset of World War II. Developers had to keep resource use to a minimum during the war, and pole barns required lesser use of material. The federal government even enacted a $1,500 construction limit per building. Pole barns were the natural building type since they require about 60% fewer materials than a traditional frame building.

Modern-Era Pole Barns in Wallace

In present day, pole barns make up auto garages, temporary billeting units, shops, and even luxury houses. Many contemporary pole barns also come with optional features, such as plumbing, heating, and electrical wiring. At C&S Construction, we construct pole buildings and steel buildings in accordance with current building codes and procedures.

Pole barn history shows that this is a construction form that’ll be around for future generations.

Pole Barns for all Modern Applications in Wallace

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