Can You Build a Pole Barn on an Uneven Lot in Sandpoint?

Pole BarnWe have constructed countless pole barns throughout the Sandpoint area. Most of these were built on flat terrain, which makes our task far easier. However, at times we’re tasked to build a pole barn on a sloped lot. Is this possible? Are there other variables to consider?

How to Build on an Uneven Terrain

We implement several techniques for creating a viable terrain. One way is to fill the uneven areas with soil. This method works provided that the area doesn’t have drainage problems. Using soil doesn’t even have to result in a completely flat surface. Most terrains work as long as the surface is off-level by one inch or less.

We also construct pole barns and steel barns on existing uneven land and level it on a future date.

What About Marshy Terrain?

Apart from off-level terrain, we also deal with construction on marshy lands. We solve this issue by contouring the ground outside and installing drainage swales. This directs water away from the building.

Making Changes to the Building

Aside from adjusting the uneven terrain, we can also modify the building itself. We determine how much the site is off-level and use longer posts for the sloped area. We actually use longer poles in some instances even for flat terrain. This is because it’s not always possible to bury all the poles at precisely the same depth.

We Build a Pole Barn on Flat or Uneven Land

If you need a pole barn constructed, C&S Construction will get it done no matter the type of land. Constructing a pole barn on an uneven lot is a challenge, but it’s one we have successfully undertaken multiple times.

Pole Barn Construction on all Terrains

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