Why You Should Consider a Monitor-Style Pole Building in Coeur D’Alene

Monitor-Style Pole BuildingsPole buildings come in various styles and architectural designs. In fact, they’re just as stylish as the main home even when they just serve as storage space. One type that may be suitable for your needs are monitor-style pole buildings.

What’s a Monitor-Style Pole Building?

A monitor-style building has a raised center with trusses that act as support for the gabled center roof. The raised middle enables the installation of extra windows, which provide more natural light penetration.

One of our old projects included a monitor-style pole building, which you can view at our gallery.

Monitor-style barns are typically used as horse stables. Today, storage sheds, car garages, hangars, steel shops, and accessory dwelling units may adopt the same architectural design.

The Advantages of Monitor-Style Barns

More windows mean less reliance on an artificial light source during daylight hours. The building’s ridge cap is normally vented, preventing warm air from accruing inside. Optionally, a cupola with a weathervane can be included. This provides the visuals of an old-style barn while increasing natural ventilation. There’s even the choice to add gable vents on the edges of the structure for an air circulation boost.

As we brought up in a previous post, sufficient ventilation is pivotal for retaining healthy horses and livestock.

The raised center, of course, also provides additional space if you add a second floor and stairs. When used as a horse barn, the space is typically treated as storage for bails of hay. If used as a car garage, a second floor can be omitted completely to provide additional clearing for taller campers and RVs.

Monitor-Style Barns Are Among Our Specialties

Contact C&S Construction if you’re contemplating an additional standalone building for your property. A monitor-style pole building enables maximum use of the space while naturally elevating indoor air quality.

Expert Craftsmanship of Monitor-Style Pole Buildings

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