Is Your Spokane Pole Barn Ventilated Properly?

Animal Pole Barn VentilationProperly ventilating your animal pole barn is essential for maintaining indoor air quality. This ensures the health and long life of your livestock. There are three types of ventilation for pole buildings.

Natural Ventilation

As suggested in its name, natural ventilation relies on natural vents. There is no use of mechanical supplements like fans. This also makes it an affordable option. Natural ventilation is especially common here in the Pacific Northwest where the weather is fairly mild year-round.

While complete reliance on natural ventilation does make for a cold barn in the winter, you can warm the interior by adding insulation. Ventilation can also be enhanced by keeping doors and windows open at all times. We also suggest installing ridge vents, which allows air to exit via natural convection.

Power Ventilation

Power ventilation is more expensive. The payback, though, is more measured control over ventilation and indoor air quality. Simply adjust the fans to reduce temperatures and humidity. Power ventilation is usually controlled using tunnel ventilation that operates via thermostat and timing controls. Mechanically-operated intake shutters are also in use.

Power ventilation is also controlled by intermittent baffles. This improves the tunnel-ventilated barn by keeping the air at ground level where it will keep the animals cool.

Hybrid Ventilation

Hybrid ventilation is self-explanatory. It uses both natural and power ventilation. With this model, power ventilation is used during the hottest months, while natural ventilation is used for the rest of the year.

We Optimize Animal Pole Barn Ventilation 

Your livestock is the lifeblood of your business. Contact C&S Construction to build a barn that ensures the optimal flow of clean and cool air 24/7. This goes for all structures, including steel barns. Proper animal pole barn ventilation will keep your animals healthy and in good spirits, so give us a call today!

Animal Pole Barn Construction with Adequate Ventilation

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