Consider a Steel Building as Your Next Garden Shed

cs-construction-6Whether you have a small vegetable plot or a large roaming garden, having a secure space for storing your equipment is an important investment. Garden sheds are constructed with various types of materials, but here are some reasons why using a steel shed is your best option.

Steel Shed Size & Flexibility

We install a garden shed to your specifications, so you’ll have the perfect amount of space required for your tools. We design your shed to be free of interior support posts and beams, maximizing the amount of space for organizing your equipment. With various optional features, we can help you create your ideal garden shed. 

Steel Sheds Offer Protection

A steel building provides excellent protection from the elements. Along with the typical wood and metal tools used for gardening, you’ll probably also store soil, seeds, plants and other materials in your garden shed. A steel building will keep your equipment and gardening supplies safe from any weather, including heavy rains, snow, and high winds. Steel buildings are also pest resistant. Insects and small rodents will be unable to burrow into your steel shed and cause damage.

Steel Sheds Are Highly Durable

Able to withstand the elements with minimal maintenance, steel buildings are exceptionally durable. Steel’s high tensile strength makes it a very reliable option because it’s a high-quality material that will safeguard your tools against any outdoor condition.

Garden Shed Installation in Spokane

These are only some of the clear advantages of having a steel shed over more traditional building materials like wood. While steel is typically associated with barns and warehouses, it’s also a great option for a shed. As the perfect middle ground between a pole building (too big for a garden shed) and a fabric building (not optimal for tool storage), a steel building is the preferred choice for a shed. C&S Construction collaborates with you from the design phase to building your steel garden shed, ensuring a satisfying customer experience. Don’t procrastinate any longer to create your perfect storage shed– give us a call today!

Steel Garden Shed Installation in the Northwest

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