Horse Barn Planning & Building Tips

C&S-Construction-4With the complex building codes and equipment choices available, there are tons of details to keep in mind when planning your ideal horse barn. A well-planned barn will add value to your property and have lower maintenance costs, so be sure to consider every option during the design and planning phase. Simplify your horse barn planning with these tips.

Location of the Horse Barn

The first step of building a horse barn is finding a suitable site. The area should have easy access, solid and even ground, close proximity to utilities, room for future expansion and good natural drainage. Another factor is the wind. The barn should be positioned to benefit from the wind’s natural air circulation while not being directly in the wind. Orienting your horse barn at a 45-degree-angle to the prevailing wind will allow for optimal air circulation while preventing a wind tunnel from forming in the center aisle. Be sure to leave some accessible land aside for hay storage and manure as well. After determining the perfect location, you’ll need to decide on the type and size of your horse barn.

Horse Barn Types

There are many horse barn styles and selecting the best one for your horses can be tricky. Typical options include pole and steel barns. When deciding which style is right for you, consider the climate, the function of your horse work, and your budget. A pole barn uses beams and posts to allow for maximum space with minimal framing elements in the walls. This is the most popular style for custom barns because it’s economical, strong and simple to build.

Steel horse barns provide an affordable alternative to traditional horse barns. They are durable, easy to maintain, and safe for horses. Once you’ve chosen the type of pole building, the last planning consideration is the size.

Horse Barn Size

When deciding on the size of your new horse barn, it’s essential to plan far in advance. Generally, we recommend building a few additional horse stalls in your new barn just in case. These can also be used for storage. You may consider optional features for your horse barn, such as a wash stall, a tack room, or a food storage area. It’s integral to plan for the correct area in your new barn so it can accommodate your horses and operate reliably for many years to come.

Let Us Plan Your New Horse Barn

Designing and building a horse barn comes with many choices that can overwhelm the property owner. Fortunately, C&S Construction will walk you through every step of the process, ensuring superior customer service and satisfaction with your new horse barn. Leave the horse barn planning to us; contact us today!

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