Pole Buildings Versus Conventional Framing in Spokane & the Inland Northwest

Pole Building vs. Stick-Frame ConstructionConsidering a pole building vs. stick-frame construction? Conventional stick-frame buildings require a slab foundation or continuous foundation walls. Pole buildings offer greater adaptability since no foundation is needed.

Here are some of the differences between pole buildings and conventional framing:

Conventional (Stick-Frame Construction)

Conventional framing, also known as stick-building or stick-framing, requires a continuous perimeter foundation. This gives you the option of adding a basement to the structure. However, stick-built framing requires more build time, materials and labor than a pole building. In addition, it doesn’t provide the lateral strength of a pole building. Stick-frame structures require interior support walls and posts. As a result, the need for support limits your options for using the interior.

Pole Buildings (Post-Frame Construction)

Pole buildings use post-frame construction. They’re adaptable, inexpensive and easy to build. This is because they require less material and labor costs. Post-frame gets its name from the posts anchored four to six feet into the ground. These posts allows superior vertical and lateral strength. Pole buildings are incredibly strong in the wind and under heavy snow loads. There’s also no need for interior framing walls for support. This allows more options for large equipment, gatherings, or wide open spaces. Pole buildings are very versatile and adaptable.

Pole buildings have more streamlined construction, more interior options and greater affordability. So unless a basement is needed, the versatility and lower cost of a pole building makes it the clear winner when considering a pole building vs. stick-frame construction. C&S Construction specializes in the design and build of custom pole buildings such as barns, aircraft hangars and workshops. They’re also experts in fabric-covered and steel buildings. Give us a call or email us for a free quote, and be sure to check out our online special offers.

Pole Building vs. Stick-Frame – Pole Building Wins!

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