Winter Pole Barn Construction: A Good Idea?

winter pole barn construction, pole barn constructionIs there an ideal time of year to construct a pole barn? Some people are under the impression that winter pole barn construction is a bad idea, thinking, instead, that it’s better to hold off plans until the following spring. Let’s explore this notion more in depth.

Is Pole Barn Construction in Winter Possible?

The answer is a resounding “yes.” Why is it, though, that many people believe winter poses problems? This stems from how traditional buildings are built. A typical home or shop has a foundation. Installing the foundation includes a concrete-pouring process. The concrete has to fully cure before construction can resume. Cold weather lengthens the curing process, extending the construction timeframe. This isn’t an issue with pole barns and some steel buildings, though, because they do not have a concrete foundation.

Wet Weather Concerns

Another concern is the snow and high humidity. Some people believe this can damage the wood frames, leading to mold, warping, and rot.

The frames we use consist of treated lumber. We acquire our lumber frames from Titan Timbers, manufacturer of the highest-quality treated wood products. We also use concrete in some parts of the construction. However, we use pre-cast concrete, so the curing time is completely out of the equation.

Benefits of Winter Construction

Contracting companies tend to have greater availability during the winter because most people hold off projects until the following spring or summer. Installers are also less likely juggling multiple construction projects from other clients. That means more time focused on your project and a speedier completion time.

We Build Year-Round

2020 marks a new decade. Consider a major resolution by investing in a pole barn for residential or business use. We have numerous optional features for enhancing building usability. Contact C&S Construction while the year is still young. Winter pole barn construction is a worthwhile property investment.

Winter Pole Building and Steel Shop Installation

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