The Benefits of a Cupola: It’s not Just an Aesthetic Feature

cupolaContrary to popular belief, cupolas are not merely an add-on relegated to turn-of-the-century-era barns. And, they provide more than just an aesthetic value. They actually have a functional purpose that applies even to modern barns. The benefits of a cupola are many, even when applied to pole buildings.

What Is a Cupola?

A cupola is a small tower-like structure that protrudes from a building’s roof. They are a mainstay in older barns. While quite a decorative feature, they are mainly installed as a ventilation device. The open vent also allows for additional natural light. The additional venting is a natural way to reduce moisture at the top of the barn, thereby reducing mold and mildew.

The History of Cupolas

In western countries, cupolas are usually associated with farmsteads. However, their origins pre-date most western civilizations. The earliest cupolas can be found in mosques and other Islamic architecture as far back as the 8th-century. These were larger and could accommodate at least one person for announcing the times of prayer.

The Benefits of a Cupola

We already established the added value of increased ventilation. Aside from preventing mold and mildew growth, the ventilation also cools the room and promotes energy efficiency.

While secondary, you can’t ignore the decorative value of a cupola. In most instances, they also increase the structure’s value.

Some people have expressed concerns that in winter, heat can rise from the bottom and escape through the cupola. This might be counterproductive since you clearly want warm air to remain inside during the chilly weather. Provided that the barn is properly air-sealed and well-insulated, heat loss through a cupola is negligible.

We Install Cupolas

Adding a cupola is one of the many optional features we have for pole barns and steel building installations. Call C&S Construction if you have plans to add facilities to your property. The benefits of cupolas are available to enhance the interior condition of your building.

Cupola Installation for Residential Pole Barns

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