Fall Pole Barn Construction: Why Autumn Is the Best Season to Install One

autumn pole barn constructionYou can build a pole barn any time of the year. However, we believe starting in the fall has its advantages. With autumn in full swing, now is an excellent time. Here are some seasonal reasons why fall pole barn construction is ideal.

Ideal Weather

Because autumn falls between summer and winter, the weather is neither too hot nor cold. If the structure is for livestock, then the construction will be ready just in time for winter. Livestock will have a cozy and roomy interior as opposed to a chilly outdoor pasture.

Less Demand

Fall is typically an off-season for contractors. Spring and summer are usually the peak seasons for building construction. Installers have fewer projects to juggle, meaning they can spend more time on your construction and stay on schedule. With contractor demand on the low-end, costs are usually lower as well.

Better Soil Conditions

Pole buildings do not have a traditional concrete foundation, so soil conditions aren’t as relevant. Nevertheless, the construction of pole buildings still requires staking lumber columns into concrete-filled holes in the ground. The soil condition is ideal for digging because it’s neither too wet nor too compact. The dryer weather also allows concrete to cure more quickly.

Faster Permit Approval

Building a separate structure on your property often requires a permit from the city. The process can sometimes take weeks, or even months if the city is backed up finalizing similar forms. During the fall, with less demand, the process should be a bit speedier.

We Are Available for Fall Pole Barn Construction

C&S Construction is available year-round, though we especially encourage you to contact us this season. Give us a call for pole barn or steel building construction. We have an assortment of optional features for all building types. Fall pole barn construction offers numerous advantages for home and business owners.

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