Ideas for a Motorcycle Garage

motorcycle garageOur projects frequently include garages for many types of vehicles ranging from RVs to boats. Some homeowners are also opting for pole building garages for the sole purpose of storing their motorcycles. Are you a biker at heart? Consider these ideas for erecting a motorcycle garage.

Why a Motorcycle Garage?

Motorcycles require protection from the elements just as much as cars do. Parts like the caliper, brake rod, and shock absorbers are vulnerable to rust. Furthermore, keeping your motorcycle in the driveway just makes it prone to theft.

Considerations for a Motorcycle Garage

We have various optional features for our pole barns and steel buildings. This gives you options galore for converting an otherwise bland garage into a personal mancave.

First, we suggest reserving an entire section for storing tools and a separate cabinet for storing chemical compounds. Liquids, such as chain lubes, polishes, and brake oil, should be securely stored and out of sight if you have children in the home.

Below are a few more ideas for really personalizing the space.

Accessory Section

This is an area for storing all your motorcycle gear, including the helmet, jacket, and other protective wear. This section can consist of a built-in wardrobe or even a separate wardrobe unit purchased from your local Ikea.


This can be a personal library containing any published works pertaining to motorcycles. You could include monthly motorcycle magazines or full-length novels like Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. You could add to the collection by including a set of DVDs on motorcycle documentaries.

We Construct Garages for All Vehicle Types

Do you love the freedom of riding on a Harley? Protect your baby by investing in a separate garage. C&S Construction constructs residential garages for RVs, bikes, ATVs, Sea-Doos, and more. A motorcycle garage is an awesome space for securing one of your most prized possessions.

Residential Pole Building Garages

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