Summer Pole Barn Preparation: Install Insulation for Warm Weather

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Summer is in full swing. If you use a pole barn to store perishable goods, you may need to install insulation in the building, or make other modifications, to keep the interior temperature down. Summer pole barn preparation prevents goods from spoiling prematurely.

Increase Ventilation

Stale air is a primary contributor of indoor heat. Even if you run a fan, you will just be circulating warm air around the room. To allow stale air to escape, the pole barn requires vents along the walls and ceiling. Vents are especially important for stalls containing livestock. If the building contains windows, keep them open.

Update the Installation

Whether you have a pole barn or a traditional steel building, all structures require some form of insulation. Insulation acts as a barrier that prevents heat from leaking through the roofs and walls during the winter. Likewise, it can also prevent hot outdoor air from sneaking in during the summer. Insulation also has the added benefit of keeping energy costs down. Common forms of pole barn insulation include fiberglass, cotton, cellulose, and rock wool. An installer can determine which is optimal for your barn type.

Install a Cooling System

Our optional features include a number of cooling systems, such as ceiling fans. Ground fans are another option. Just be sure to keep cooling units out of reach of animals if you are housing livestock. You can even install a full HVAC unit if you plan to spend extensive time inside the building. Finally, consider an exhaust fan, which reduces condensation and reduces the disparity between air and ground temperatures.

We Conduct Summer Pole Barn Preparation

Depending on what you’re using the pole barn for, the building may not have adequate cooling. Contact C&S Construction to modify your building with appropriate ventilation and insulation. Summer pole barn preparation is essential during the hottest time of year.

Summer Pole Barn Modification

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