Pole Barn and Stick-Built Building: What’s the Difference?

pole barn, stick-built

You may have heard of the term “stick-built” when researching building plans and blueprints. Some people have confused the term with a pole barn, believing the two to be interchangeable. They are actually quite different. Here’s the difference between a pole barn and a stick-built building.

Pole Barn and Stick-Built Building at a Glance

In a stick-built structure, the building is constructed on site from lumber and other materials. One benefit of this is that the builders can correct problems as they encounter them.

A pole barn, by contrast, is made from materials pre-cut at a factory. The materials then arrive at the construction site as a ready-to-assemble kit. 

Pole Barns Are More Affordable

Pole barns are typically more affordable than a stick-built structure while providing the same level of durability and longevity. Pole barns are less expensive because of the foundation. In a traditional, stick-built building, the foundation makes up about 15% of the structure’s total cost. In a pole barn, posts are buried deep into the earth in lieu of a traditional foundation.

Pole Barns Are Versatile

The lack of a foundation also makes it easier to erect a pole barn on an uneven or sloped surface. Since a stick-built structure has a foundation, it requires an even flooring, which equals more site preparation.

Pole Barns Are Durable

A pole barn’s posts transmit lateral wind loads on the walls to the ground. This allows it to remain steady against severe weather. This style of construction also allows the structure to remain intact during a fire, as opposed to completely collapsing. 

We Construct Multi-Purpose Pole Barns

Our service includes steel barn and building construction with customizable and optional features. Call C&S Construction to add an additional structure to your property. Pole barns and stick-built buildings refer to different building styles; the former is more affordable and advantageous.

Pole Barn Plans and Construction 

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