Pole Barn Shed Storage: What Not to Store in Your Barn

pole barn shed

A pole barn shed is an excellent investment. More people are considering a pole building on their residential or commercial property as a storage unit. However, depending on the shed’s construction, some items may not be appropriate for long-term storage in a pole barn shed. What items don’t belong inside a shed?

Containers with Food

This includes non-perishable foods, mainly canned goods. While these items don’t require refrigeration, they still need to be in a stable environment. A hot and moist environment can cause the metal inside the can to corrode and contaminate the food.


Without adequate ventilation, storage sheds can be prone to temperature extremes. Heat and humidity can cause canvas surfaces to become moldy. Likewise, cold and dry weather can cause surfaces to become brittle. Aside from artwork, also think twice about storing photographs, magazines, or anything with ink.

Electronic Devices

Anything with electronic circuits require storage at a stable room temperature. Heat can melt the circuitry and wires. The humidity can also cause corrosion. Frigid temperatures can lead to brittleness and breakage of internal components.

Paints and Glue

Paint and adhesives contain chemicals that will break down and lose their quality under extreme temperatures. Low temperatures can cause these items to harden and turn to sludge and lumpy globs.

Fortify Your Pole Barn

If you wish to store the above items, then you must take several construction factors into consideration. This means the inclusion of ridge or soffit vents for better air circulation. Optional features like radiant floor heating may also keep temperatures in check during the colder months.

We Construct Pole Barn Shed Storage Units

Contact C&S Construction if you’re considering a storage unit for your property. We construct both pole barn and steel building units. Our pole barn shed storage units can be customized to include proper ventilation for storage of temperature-sensitive items.

Pole Barn Shed Construction 

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