Considerations for an Aircraft Hangar Construction

aircraft hangar construction

Did you know that pole buildings are so durable they can even accommodate multiple aircraft? Of course, you can’t construct the building the way you would for, say, a hay shed. Aircraft hangar construction has specific requirements to ensure longevity. Consider the following requirements.

1. Debris management

The facility must have ample storage to keep tools and small equipment off the floor. Pilots and mechanics often run the engine while the plane is inside the hangar. The propeller can create enough power to lift objects into the air, resulting in facility damage and bodily injury.

2. Heavy-Load Management

Aircraft are not tiny. The KC-135 Stratotanker, for example, weighs about 297,000 pounds. For comparison, an average RV weighs about 5,200 pounds. Granted, civilian pilots probably won’t own an aircraft as heavy as the stratotanker. Nevertheless, you need to take the weight into consideration. The pole building’s concrete floor needs to be able to withstand the weight.

3. Electrical Equipment 

A hangar requires immense empty space. An electrical outlet in the wall may be too far away to be of use. Likewise, having multiple extension cords crisscrossing the floor may pose a safety hazard. Construction may need to include outlets in the scaffolding or rafters. All outlet placement must also consider the movement of the craft.

4. The Grade

Some planes have parts that hang low relative to the fuselage, or main body, of the craft. Examples include the turbine on a turbojet or propeller on a prop plane. Any variations in the floor’s grade may result in damage to both the aircraft and hangar floor. 

We Do Aircraft Hangar Construction

Our pole and steel buildings are of sturdy construction and can accommodate most civilian and commercial planes. Our optional features add any necessary requirements for plane storage and maintenance. Call C&S Construction for aircraft hangar construction on your private or workplace property. 

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