Does a Pole Barn Increase Property Value?

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You might think that a pole barn would increase property value. After all, it’s a much-appreciated structure with multiple uses, from vehicle to livestock storage. However, certain factors must be in place to ensure that the barn is benefits and hinders the sale of your property.

Not All Additions Increase Property Value

First, we must emphasize that not all investments increase a property’s value or the prospects of a sale. You might think that a swimming pool, for example, would be a sound investment. However, many real estate agents say this actually makes a home less attractive to buyers. After all, a swimming pool requires frequent maintenance.

Other additions, such as a sunroom, increase the prospects of a sale. However, the cost might be greater than what you can recoup when closing the home sale.

Do the above scenarios apply to a pole barn? That depends.

How to Increase Value with a Pole Barn

According to Realtor Magazine, lack of storage space is often a deal breaker for home buyers. This makes a pole barn or steel building shed a big plus. However, the structure needs to be in sound condition.

If you invest in a detached storage space, consider these suggestions:

  • Use laminated and treated posts which are resistant to mold and rot. Our supplier Timber Technologies provides this material.
  • Check with your city to ensure the construction conforms to zoning laws
  • Follow all maintenance recommendations to minimize depreciation. This is especially important if you don’t plan on selling until several years down the line.

In addition, the cost of construction is often tax deductible, according to the IRS.

We Install Detached Units

We can install pole barn sheds with optional features to increase functionality. Contact C&S Construction to ensure use of high-quality materials for your investment. A properly constructed pole barn increases property value and is a huge selling point.

Residential Pole Barn Construction 

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