Considerations for an RV Storage Garage

RV storage garage, RV garage

RVs don’t fit in a standard garage. This means you have to park it in your driveway where it’s exposed to the elements. If you have enough space on your property, you could invest in an RV storage garage. A pole building or steel building construction would be ideal for a project of this scope.

Types of RV Storage Garages

Let’s examine the types of garages. The most affordable option is open RV storage. This is basically a paved area for the RV and an overhead canopy for sun and rain protection. 

Another option is a three-sided garage, which is essentially a garage minus the door. Finally, the third option is a fully-enclosed garage. This is almost identical to a residential garage but with the height and length required for an RV.

Space and Legal Considerations

Before beginning, check with your city regarding zoning requirements. Some municipalities require permits if a structure exceeds a certain height. We are familiar with most requirements for cities in and around the Spokane area. However, do your own homework to be certain. 

You will also need to measure your land to verify that you have at least 50-feet of open space.

Additional Features

Most people opt for additional features to make the storage space more usable. Examples include a walk-in door, overhead lighting, and passcode entry. The last point is especially worth considering. RV theft is more prevalent than one might think.

You could even incorporate indoor plumbing. This makes water easily accessible for cleaning the space. Some people even elect to install a bathroom or at least a half-bathroom.

We Construct All Types of RV Storages

If you’re an RV owner, then why not begin 2019 with a housing unit for your beloved vehicle? Contact C&S Construction to determine whether an RV storage garage on your property is feasible. 

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