The Advantages of an Indoor Riding Arena

riding arena

Do you run an equine training center? One way to expand your business is by investing in an indoor riding arena. This is more affordable than most people realize due to pole building construction. Learn how one of these could benefit your equine business. 

Indoor Riding Arena Advantages for Students and Horses

Why is an indoor riding arena necessary when students could learn to ride outdoors? Training and riding indoors has many advantages. Many beginning equestrians feel more comfortable riding indoors. They believe they have more control in a confined space as opposed to riding out in open pasture.

Consider some of the other advantages of an indoor riding arena.

Fewer Distractions

Outdoor elements, such as the presence of other horses, can distract both the horse and rider. Younger horses may also be more at ease in a smaller space. To enhance concentration, we can add mirrors as an optional feature so riders can see their riding form.

Seating for Observers

We can also install bleachers. For child riders, this allows parents to watch. Other students can also watch and learn. The same goes for other coaches and trainers who can monitor rider progress while prepping students awaiting their turns.

Better Footing and Stability

Outdoor riding areas may not provide a stable riding surface. Grassy and muddy areas can have uneven surfaces, especially after heavy rainfall or snowfall. Indoor riding arenas also make nighttime training possible. Beginning riders should not be training under limited visibility.

We can enhance indoor arenas with padded flooring. This not only provides a flat even surface but also protection for the horse’s joints and hooves.

We Install Riding Pavilions

We install equine stables and arenas for Spokane ranches. We use pole building or steel building construction, depending on owner needs and requests. Contact C&S Construction to expand your business with an indoor riding arena

Horse Pavilion Installation

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