C&S Construction Making the Switch to Laminated Posts and Beams

laminated posts, laminated beamsAt C&S Construction, our mission is to create pole barns and steel buildings that last as long as your home. To achieve that end, we have contracted with Timber Technologies to be our main supplier of laminated posts and beams. What does this decision entail for our Spokane customers?

What Are Laminated Posts and Beams?

Timber Technologies is a manufacturer of laminated glulam posts. Glulam consists of multiple layers of material bonded together using a moisture-resistant adhesive. The end product is a form of engineered wood with exceptionally high bending strength. Pound-for-pound, it’s tougher than steel.

Applications for Laminated Posts and Beams

Laminated glulam posts are becoming a mainstay in pole building construction. This includes applications for both residential and commercial constructions. Contractors rely on laminated pieces for vaulted ceilings which create wide open spaces beneath them. These laminated constructions can also be used as ridge beams, cantilevered beams, purlins, and garage door headers.

Laminated posts are also suitable for the construction of optional building features. This includes lean-tos and cupolas, both of which we install as pole building additions.

Beneficial Features of Laminated Posts

Unlike traditional lumber, laminated posts and beams are far more resistant to rot. Untreated posts can wither, especially at the base that comes into contact with the soil. With rotting also comes the greater probability that the posts will warp and split. Laminated posts have an expected life expectancy of 50 years.

About Timber Technologies

We are proud of our partnership with Timber Technologies, which has been serving companies like C&S Construction since 2003. Its architectural laminated glulam comes in a smooth finish and weigh less than traditional sawn timber.

Different Supplier, Same Sturdy Construction

We wanted to share with you this great news because we are committed to long-lasting craftsmanship. With Timber Technologies as our supplier, we’ll be able to construct higher quality pole barns and steel shops. Laminated posts and beams are designed to withstand the weather, humidity, and soil conditions common in the Pacific Northwest.

High-Quality Pole Buildings Posts

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