Pole Building Vs Stick-Frame Construction: What’s the Difference?

pole building vs stick frame, pole frame constructionPeople familiar with pole buildings may have also heard of stick-frame buildings. Are these terms interchangeable? If not, how are they different? We will clear up any confusion with a pole building vs stick-frame discussion.

Pole Building and Stick-Frame Construction

Pole buildings and barns use a post-frame construction where laminated wood posts make up the bulk of the framing. The roof utilizes trusses connected by purlins. The exterior consists of steel panel claddings that “hold” the structure together. Contrary to popular belief, the construction does not include poles, or interior columns.

By contrast, a stick-frame building contains a basement or crawlspace over which builders construct the building. The frame also requires a concrete foundation for support. Due to the construction of the foundation, building costs are far higher.

Why Choose Pole Buildings Over Stick-Frames?

As we just mentioned, the foundation adds significantly to a building’s costs. The required excavation and concrete generally make up about 10% to 15% of the total building cost. You can cut out this expense entirely with a pole building.

The construction time is also generally shorter, so you can quickly settle into your newly built pole barn or garage. The shorter timeframe also means fewer labor hours which lowers the cost even more.

Some people believe the lack of a concrete foundation means a pole building is not as stable. This is not true; builders anchor solid posts 4-feet or deeper into the ground. This provides stability and enables the building to transfer wind and snow loads into the soil.

We Build Pole Buildings

Our pole buildings and steel barns utilize sturdy laminated posts from Timber Technologies. C&S Construction provides plenty of optional features suitable for livestock and equipment housing. Pole buildings and steel-frames are not the same; the former provides an equally sturdy structure at a fraction of the cost.

Pole Building Construction for Your Spokane Property

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