Five Types of Pole Barn Doors

Pole barn buildingsC&S Construction come in various design styles. You also have just as many pole barn door styles. Choices range from a typical house-style front doors to industrial-style overhead doors. We’ll explore some of the door types and their mechanism of operation.

1. Sliding Doors

As suggested in the name, sliding doors slide open and shut, much like a patio glass door. This is the common door of choice for pole barn sheds for storing machinery. One sliding door drawback, though, is that the doors aren’t exactly insulation-friendly due to the difficulty of applying air-tight weather stripping.

2. Overhead Doors

This is not unlike a typical residential garage door. Unlike sliding doors, this door type can better accommodate weather stripping for controlling heat gain/loss. People also prefer this type simply because of its similarity to their existing garage panel door.

3. Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-fold doors contain upper and middle hinges that fold during opening. This is a popular door type for airplane hangars, though it’s less common these days. More people are choosing for hydraulic doors, which we discuss next.

4. Hydraulic Doors

Hydraulic doors have hinges at the top and open via hydraulic rams. Builders typically install hydraulic doors on a pole barn or steel building end wall. This is also a popular choice for RV and farm vehicle storage.

5. Traditional Walk-In Door

No matter which door type you choose, every building should also have a “regular” door. This way, you can move in and out of the building without having to operate a large, cumbersome door. This saves wear and tear on the larger door.

We Install All Door Types

You have diverse optional features when investing in a pole building. This includes an assortment of door types for suiting various storage and livestock housing needs. Contact C&S Construction to determine the best pole barn door type for your individual preference.

Pole Barn Door Installation and Repairs

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