Barn Vs. Pasture: Which Is Better for a Horse?

barn vs. pasture, horse stableDo you own a farmstead with one or more horses? Do you keep them in a barn or a pasture? Which promotes healthier and happier horses? We’ll explain the benefits of each.

Barn vs. Pasture?

Most horse owners recommend pastures over a stable. This makes sense because pastures provide open air and the opportunity for exploration, which is a definite plus for a horse’s well-being.

An open pasture for a horse is preferable; no argument. However, a barn stable has its place as well. On the one hand, an indoor stable provides a warm place during the cold or rainy season. Keeping a horse in a stable is also beneficial for the owner when conducting horse care, such as feeding and grooming.

Of course, it’s not good to keep horses cooped up in a pole barn all day. Horses that spend prolong periods in a stable may chew the wood, kick the wall, or walk the stall. These are signs that your horse is bored, isolated, and not getting enough exercise.

How Much Time in a Stable?

As a general rule, you should keep horses on a pasture unless you have a reason to move them indoors. Horses need to move and interact with peers. Horses in the wild, after all, may travel upwards of 10 miles per day just to graze off the land.

For show horses, though, 24/7 in a pasture may not be ideal. Too much time in the sun can cause the hair to fade. The hooves may also be more likely to incur damage.

We Install Pole Barn Stables

Regardless of the purpose for keeping horses, they thrive best out in the open. C&S Construction installs pole and steel barns with optional features that make stables as comfy as possible. Barns and pastures both have their place for cultivating a horse’s physical and mental health.

Horse Barn Stables for Spokane Farms

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