Add a Pole Barn to Your Agritourism Business

agritourismWashington isn’t exactly a rural state, though it does have its fair share of farmlands. More farmers are profiting by incorporating some form of agritourism to their business. This form of tourism is on the rise. Agricultural businesses around the Spokane region may benefit by expanding their business to include tourist attractions.

What Is Agritourism?

Visiting a farm is a novel experience for urbanites. These people pay to see livestock and even partake in day-to-day activities, such as grooming a mare or milking a cow. Agritourism is a rapidly growing industry; it was estimated to be a $704 million sector in 2012.

More farmers are expanding their business to accommodate visitors. This may include creating a bed and breakfast or renting out a barn as a wedding venue. Other activities for tourists at a farm include livestock petting zoos, bird and wildlife watching, and navigating through corn mazes.

Adding a Pole Barn for Agritourism

If you’re interested in making agritourism a part of your business, then an additional pole barn certainly expands your venue. Having a second barn allows farmers to designate a barn for agricultural use while using the other for agritourism activities.

Optional features include all the add-ons of a traditional steel building, such as vinyl windows, eaves, in-floor heating, and more. This makes the barn comfy for visitors who may spend an extended period of time in the building. This is especially the case if you double the barn as a wedding chapel. The livestock will appreciate it as well.

Make Agritourism a Lifelong Venture

The agritourism sector is exploding as more Americans want a taste of the rural life. Farmers around the Spokane area can invest in the industry by adding a pole barn on their property. Contact C&S Construction to make this a reality and get a foot in the agritourism industry.

Pole Barns for Agritourism Application

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