How to Increase Pole Barn Security

pole barn securityRegardless of the purpose of a pole barn, the structure is vulnerable to burglary, just like a home or other facility. As the owner, you have to take precautions to minimize the possibility of a pole barn break-in. We’ll explain why thieves target pole barns and how you can increase your pole barn security to protect your property.

Why Pole Barn Break-Ins Occur

More often than not, pole barns serve as storage units that are detached from the main home or building. As such, expensive equipment and tools lie inside. Sheds also seldom have people inside, making them an attractive target. The same vulnerability applies to pole barn garages, hay storages, and livestock barns. Burglars know these units more than likely contain items worth good money.

Pole Barn Security Measures

We recommend the same precautionary measures you would take for your home or place of business. Consider these pole barn security practices:

  • Install more outdoor lighting, and consider motion sensor lights for the main pole barn entrance. Remember, thieves use darkness for concealment.
  • If the pole barn has windows, are valuables in plain sight? Consider adding curtains, or keeping expensive items out of view from the window.
  • Optional features for pole barns include various door styles and locking mechanisms. Consider a model with a sturdy lock and a strong door that a thief can’t kick open. If the door can accommodate an additional lock, use a professional-grade padlock resistant to a bolt cutter.
  • Burglars may break the door or window using items within the vicinity of the barn. These include hand tools, such as shovels, garden forks, pruning shears, etc. Relocate these items indoors.

We Build Sturdy Pole Barns

Contact C&S Construction to add a pole barn on your Spokane property. While we can reinforce pole barns and steel buildings, homeowners need to practice effective pole barn security measures to prevent property intrusions because pole barn break-ins can and do occur.

Sturdy Pole Barn Construction for Spokane Homeowners

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