Pole Barn Flooring Options at a Glance

pole barn flooringOnce fully set up and ready for use, pole barns really aren’t that different from a conventional building. This means you generally have the same options in terms of roofing, insulation, and flooring. Speaking of flooring, choices are plentiful here. Find out about the different styles of pole barn flooring for your newly erected shed or facility.

Flooring Styles for Pole Barns

Your ideal flooring style depends on your budget and what you intend to use the pole barn for.

Dirt Flooring: This is one of the more economical options especially if using the barn for storage. Some owners start with dirt flooring to see how it holds up. Keep in mind, though, that the structure may eventually require another flooring type. Moisture and soil conditions may create unstable flooring. You will also need to upgrade if you intend to use the space for human dwelling.

Stone Flooring: Will people inhabit the barn? In this case, consider stone flooring. Stone looks absolutely gorgeous; plus, it’s ultra-durable and presents a rustic charm. You can go with a single stone, or mix and match for a more random but natural formation look.

Concrete Flooring: The industrial look of concrete may not be the most aesthetically appealing. However, this is a practical flooring type that minimizes moisture and dust. It’s also easy to clean and great for storage or as a hobby room.

Livestock Mats: This is the go-to option for housing livestock and horses. This flooring material promotes sanitation while providing roaming comfort. These mats are divided into material sub-categories of their own, including rubber and aggregate materials.

We Install All Flooring Types

We install all of the aforementioned floor types and more. These flooring varieties are also available for steel barns and fabric buildings. Contact C&S Construction to learn about the versatility of various pole barn flooring options.

Flooring Installations for Pole Buildings

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