Fabric Buildings Prevent Corrosion in Storage Facilities

fabric buildingsCorrosion naturally occurs when metal comes into contact with water, humidity, road salt, and other exposures. Corrosion can be detrimental for traditional buildings. The National Association of Corrosion Engineers, in fact, estimates annual corrosion damage in the U.S. at $276 million. This is why we recommend fabric buildings for preventing corrosion.

Fabric Buildings Are Corrosion-Proof

We especially recommend fabric-covered buildings as storage facilities. This is especially so for buildings that store any type of metal products. Fabric is non-corrosive, making it perfect for material that shouldn’t be in corrosive environments, such as scrap metal located in a high-humidity area.

Many clients, in fact, have requested a fabric building for their work sites. This includes various hardhat companies in the mining, agricultural, and recycling sectors.

Fabric buildings are the perfect solution if you need a temporary storage facility for a construction or mining site. They’re relatively inexpensive and perfect for a one-time off-site field operation.

Pole Buildings and Steel Buildings

Alternatively, some clients also request the construction of pole barns and steel buildings for storage use. While these structures may contain corrosive parts, we can prevent corrosion by using fabric liners. The liners are versatile and cover every part of a steel frame, including tight spots such as fasteners and welded areas.

A liner consists of architectural fabric. Builders install them inside a building frame as a protective barrier. Liners are an alternative to protective metal coatings. The latter is vulnerable to chipping and cracking over time, allowing moisture to seep through and cause structural damage.

We Construct Versatile Fabric Buildings

The Spokane area can become quite humid especially in winter. The moisture and salt in the air leaves metal prone to corrosion. Protect your investment with a fabric-covered building. Contact C&S Construction for a corrosion-resistant fabric building that will prevent costly damage to your assets.

Fabric-Covered Buildings for Metal Storage

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