Invest in a Pole Barn EV Charging Station

EV charging stationDoes your company own a fleet of commercial vehicles? New Year’s resolutions for companies often include increasing revenue while lowering overhead. One way to achieve the latter is by transitioning to hybrid fleet cars. Of course, you will also require multiple charging stations. Here’s a food for thought: how about a pole barn EV charging station?

Why Transition to Hybrid Cars?

The average hybrid car costs about $4,647 more than its gas-only counterpart. In 10 years of ownership, though, you can save an average $6,742 at the pump per vehicle. The bigger your fleet the bigger your overhead savings.

In addition, you can also advertise your company as an eco-friendly business. Clients these days are willing to pay more to do business with companies whose practices they agree with.

Pole Barns for an EV Charging Station

Of course, you’ll also need to invest in a charging station for your vehicles. To save money on the initial construction, consider a pole building.

Modern pole buildings are just as versatile as a traditional steel building. The construction is fairly straightforward. It can take the form of a multicar garage with charging outlets. We can construct pole barns with optional features, including the standard level I 120-volt AC outlet or the level II 208/240-volt AC. We can even incorporate fully functioning garage doors.

Commercial construction aside, we can also construct residential charging stations on private property. This can be in the form of a single or double-car pole barn garage with the necessary charging outlets.

We’ll Construct Your Pole Barn Garage

Charge up your business in some way for 2018. Going green is one idea. Contact C&S Construction to begin construction on a storage unit for your vehicle fleet. A pole barn EV charging station will pay itself off for companies that do a lot of driving.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

Pole Barns for Fleet Car Storage and Charging

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