A Pole-Barn Hotel in Spokane?

pole barn hotelIn past posts we discussed the viability of pole barn restaurants, venues, and more. Well, how about a pole-barn hotel? We know the idea is a bit hard to conceive, considering the size of a structure for lodging. However, this can definitely be done.

Why a Pole Barn Hotel?

Washington is the sixth most visited state in the U.S. Its cities and natural scenery drive a strong tourism market. Visitors need lodging during their brief stay.

We’ll admit that we rarely receive enquiries for pole-barn hotels. Most people don’t even consider it a possibility. While not exactly commonplace, pole-barn inns do exist throughout the U.S. One example is the Crossroads Inn in Martin, South Dakota. It has been running since 1990 and currently has 34 rooms.

Obviously, we can’t use pole barn construction to build a skyscraper, which consists of some of the bigger name hotel brands. However, the construction is certainly possible for a modest-size lodge.

The Cost and Time

Pole barns are great for their cost-effective construction. The project also takes less time to complete than a standard building. Of course, it will still take some time with the multiple rooms. However, you can begin housing a small number of guests while new rooms are under construction.

With optional features like ceiling fans and radiant in-floor heating, we can construct interiors that are just as comfy as a standard hotel room. The deep insulation in the wall cavities also keep HVAC costs to a minimum.

We Do Pole Barn Hotels

Pursuing a career in the hospitality industry? Call C&S Construction to begin construction of a fully functional hotel complete with basic amenities. Visit our gallery to see the interior and exterior of some of our past projects. A pole barn hotel is a higher magnitude project, but we love to partake in a job of this scope.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

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