How to Protect Posts from Rot

protect posts from rotMost modern pole barns are constructed from wooden posts treated with an oil-based primer. This protects the material from weather exposure. If you have an existing pole building, the posts may not be treated. If so, we’ll show you how to protect pole barn posts from rot.

Leading Causes of Rot

We recommend a visual inspection at least once a year. Here are the top problems that can lead to eventual wood rot if left untreated.


Look for cracks around caulked areas, such as around the doors, windows, and dryer vents. Re-caulk any openings; we recommend caulk made from acrylic latex for long-lasting quality.


Look for discoloration around the interior ceiling, fireplace, and under the eaves. Stains are strong indicators of a leak. You may need to bring in a roof inspector to pinpoint the source of the leak.

Damaged Downspouts

Are the gutters leaking or detaching from the building? At the start of each season, climb atop a ladder and remove leaves and other debris from the gutter. An unmaintained gutter leaves the roof vulnerable to pooling water.

Trees and Shrubbery

All tree and shrubbery branches should be at least 3-feet away from the roof and siding. Heavy gusts can cause the branches to sway and rub heavily against the surface, stripping away the primer. Trim all branches closer than 2-feet from the building.

Treat the Posts

Treat all wooden posts, or replace them with new pre-treated posts. This goes for all shops and buildings that utilize any wooden beams and posts. Fall is the perfect time for this type of maintenance before the rainy winter season arrives.

We Only Use Treated Materials

C&S Construction installs pole barns from scratch. Contact us regarding the optional features we can add to a building. Make a commitment to protect your investment by protecting your pole barn posts from rot.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

Pole Barn Post Protection

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