A Pole Building as an Event Venue Is a Good Idea

pole building as an event venueDoes your company or non-profit org normally host events for the public? Events allow people to come together for face-to-face interactions. We can all use more of this in the age of social media. A pole building as an event venue works well as a gathering space.

Why a Pole Building as an Event Venue Is Beneficial

Venue rental is perhaps the single largest overhead. Of course, the cost varies depending on a facility’s size, amenities provided, etc. Even on the lower end of the cost scale, the final fee can easily run into the five-digit range.

To save on this portion of the spending, some companies are investing in their own event space. They do this by setting up a permanent pole building or fabric-covered building, usually on the company’s own premises.

A multitude of benefits come with your own event venue, such as:

  • Saving on rental and all associated costs
  • Not being bound by restrictive terms and conditions
  • Not having to vacate the venue by a certain time; end the event as late as you wish without facing penalty fees
  • Using the facility as a storage space or secondary office when not hosting an event
  • Not having to set an event date around the venue’s availability
  • Beautiful wood finishes. With a little renovation, you can create the atmosphere of a luxury venue.
  • Renting the venue—for profit— to other companies for their events or seminars

We Erect Pole Buildings as Event Spaces

Contact C&S Construction if your company regularly hosts workshops, tradeshows, lectures, or other PR-based events. We can add numerous optional features to create a pole building that is just as functional as a conventional structure. A pole building as an event venue is one way to drastically cut back on preventable spending.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

Great Idea! A Pole Building as an Event Venue

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