Opening a Restaurant? Consider a Pole Barn

pole barn restaurant

Images of sheds, hay lofts, and cattle shelters often come to mind when one thinks of pole barns. These structures, however, are more versatile than most people realize. These steel barns and buildings also suffice as commercial facilities, especially for dining establishments. Pole barns make good restaurants. Give it some consideration if you’re contemplating opening your own eatery.

The Benefits of a Pole Barn Restaurant

Pole-frame buildings are very affordable due to the low cost of materials and the ease of construction. Also the buildings don’t require load-bearing walls like traditional buildings. This gives you more leeway for a variety of layouts and floorplans. You can opt for a number of facades, such as deco, wood, or brick for the exterior. Create a look that is in line with your brand identity.

It’s not just local establishments that reap the benefits of pole barns. National franchises, such as Subway, Five Guys, and Jimmy John’s have several locations based in a pole building.

Pole Buildings Are Energy Efficient

With dining establishments come high utility costs. A pole building can keep some of the HVAC costs down. These structures have thicker wall cavities that allow for higher insulation value. This contrasts with traditional buildings made from metal framing. Metal warms up quickly, creating warmer summers. It also loses heat quickly under cold temperatures, creating colder winters.

Delicious food is important, but patrons also want to feel protected from the outdoor elements. Remember, it takes more than yummy cuisine and good service to elicit customer satisfaction.

We’ll Erect a Pole Barn for Your Future Restaurant

Invest in a pole barn instead of constantly paying rent for an existing structure. C&S Construction can include a number of optional features to really make your establishment appeal to hungry patrons. Erecting a pole barn for a restaurant is the first step to a potentially lucrative business.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

Pole Barns for the Dining Industry

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