Weather-Resistant Fabric Buildings For Spokane

Weather-resistant fabric buildingSpokane isn’t the coldest region by a longshot. Nevertheless, it still sees some pretty strong wind gusts and the occasional snowfall. If your business uses fabric-covered buildings for storage, is it built to withstand formidable weather? Weather-resistant fabric-covered buildings ensure a sturdy structure built to last.

Wind Resistance

When strong winds blow over a building, they create suction on the leeward side of the roof. If the fabric is poorly secured, it can lift off the frame. This places additional stress on the tarp at the building end frames. Heavy winds are one of the most common causes of fabric tears. Newer construction often includes the use of a Keder Rail to keep the fabric in place during high winds.

Snow Resistance

Snow isn’t a major issue in the Spokane area, though it still helps to have a roof built for snow resistance. All structures from pole buildings to steel barns require a roof pitch designed so snow will slide off the roof. A Keder Rail roof system is optimal because it contains supports at regular intervals. These help diffuse the weight of the snow.

UV Ray Resistance

Constant UV ray exposure causes the woven scrim of the fabric to break down and degrade over time. Fortunately, fabric manufacturers today use a chemical compound on the fabric’s surface coating to absorb UV rays.

Is Your Fabric Building Weather-Resistant?

Not all fabric buildings are created equal. Poor craftsmanship from builders who try to take shortcuts can drastically reduce the longevity of a fabric-covered structure. Likewise, some people are also building their own structures using DIY building kits. This often results in incorrect construction, leaving the building vulnerable when the weather is anything but balmy.

Contact C&S Construction to ensure you acquire a fabric-covered building erected the right way. Fabric buildings that hold against weather will keep your storage items safe from harsh environmental exposure.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

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