Protect Your Cows with a Fabric-Covered Structure for Winter

fabric-covered structures, cows and fabric buildings, fabric buildingsFabric-covered buildings help your cows cope with cold weather by keeping them warm. These structures are becoming increasingly popular in the Northwest due to severe weather patterns. Keeping cattle out of the elements may also ensure a higher birth rate. When you reduce the cold stress in cows, newborns have a greater chance of survival in extreme climate localities.

Versatile, Useful, Portable Structures

In the winter, fabric-covered buildings can act as a loafing area. The cattle can calve anywhere in the structure. You can easily erect corral pens if you want to segregate the brood cows and newborn calves. You can also easily relocate and repurpose fabric-covered buildings as farm equipment storage, grain storage, hay storage, or any other use.

Safe Cattle Handling Facilities

Not only do the cows have to endure the extreme weather conditions, but farmers and ranchers do too. With the abundance of natural light flooding the structures, fabric-covered buildings are the perfect winter cattle shelter in calving season. The structures improve the animas’l welfare and keep those working with you and your herd safe. Fabric-covered buildings also retain the heat generated by cattle, making calving much more tolerable.

Quality Commercial & Residential Building Construction

We are the leading fabric-covered builder in the Spokane area. Our fabric structures are built to last. C & S Construction specializes in pole buildings with special features such as vinyl windows. We are a member of the Spokane Home Builders Association and the National Home Builders Association, and are rated A+ with the Better Business Bureau. We value customer satisfaction. Keep your cows warm this winter, give us a call or email us today!

Edited by Justin Vorhees

Keep Cows Warm in a Fabric Structure

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