5 Facts You Need to Know About Fabric-Covered Buildings

5 Things to Know About Fabric StructuresIf you are planning to use one of our Pavilion fabric-covered buildings for your next hay barn, RV canopy, or horse pavilion, the most important thing to remember is that there’s a growing amount of competition in the industry. Sometimes, it can be difficult to differentiate between innovators and imitators.

Pavilion, the fabric-covered structure manufacturer we use, is ranked first in the industry for strength-to-price ratio, and has been an industry innovator for over 10 years. With constant improvements in technology and stronger, more durable components, our temporary and permanent structures are the best economical alternative to typical steel or pole buildings.

  1. Pavilion Structures Are Anti-Corrosive

Our fabric covers won’t rust. In corrosive environments, some roof and wall systems essentially turn into short-term disposable products. Pavilion fabric covers extend the life of your building with steel truss systems that are post-welding hot-dipped galvanized to ensure premium rust protection.

  1. Pavilion Structures Retain Value

While steel structures may lose their value over time because of deteriorating steel from exposure to the elements, our Pavilion fabric structures retain their value. They’re also versatile, allowing you to relocate, expand, or modify when business or personal needs change.

  1. Pavilion Structures Are Weather-Proof

Our temporary and permanent fabric structures are known for their endurance, lasting through even the harshest climates. The Spiderweave fabric on Pavilion buildings uses non-thermally conductive properties to reduce heat from the sun on the building’s interior during the Summer, and reduces the transfer of cold from the outside during the Winter.

  1. Pavilion Structures Are Low-Maintenance

Traditional buildings often require extensive maintenance like painting, shingling, and stopping leaks. By using U.V. inhibitors to resist color fade from the sun, Pavilion fabric buildings don’t need any touch-up paint.

  1. Pavilion Structures Create a Pleasant Environment

While metal and wood-walled structure create echoes, Pavilion’s Spiderweave covers have sound-dampening properties which reduce echo and create a hushed interior. With the high peak height of Pavilion fabric buildings, there’s more air volume and better ventilation. This improves the health and comfort level inside the building.

C&S Construction in Spokane

Now that you know why C&S Construction’s Pavilion fabric covered buildings are perfect for both temporary and permanent structures, it’s clear why our customers are so happy with their decision. View our Gallery to see examples of our past projects. C&S Construction can work with you through the design and building process, ensuring a streamlined customer experience. Don’t wait to have your ideal temporary or permanent fabric structure, call or email us today!
Edited by Justin Vorhees

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